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Somogyi Betyár Kennel

Welcome on my homepage. My name is Melinda Talpai, me and my Komondors are living in Hungary, next to Somogyjád on a 5 hectare place. My intention with this homepage is to introduce and popularized this rare and special dog breed.

I found in this breed all which I really expect from an ideal dog for me.

Beautiful appearance which commanding respect
Unconditionally loyalty
Good watchdog instinct, stability
Well balanced temperament
And first side my best friend

We wished just a good watching dogs at the beginning, but we had so much good luck from the beginning, that we bought 2 so beautiful Komondor puppies, so we couldn't resist to not take them to the dog shows, to see some judges opinion.

For me the dog shows importance is not just to win , but more the participation. In short time I could meet peoples with the same interest,values, we have always common idea to discuss and the same goal, to save this breed for the future. Komondor is officially our national treasure, so it is a duty to keep them in their originally way.

Most of the peoples are scary because their coat , how much time it will take to attend...but this is very relative. Until 1 year old absolutely nothing. Then you need to separate the cords by hand one by one until you finished all the body. If the cords was created you  need take care just time to time, depending how fast they are growing and matting back at the origin.

My mission is to make this breed more popular and breeding better and better Komondors for the future. My kennel representing the old stile Hungarian lines with over 10 years of history where we are focused on quality, size, quality coat, adequate temperament and famous look. Our giant puppies lives all around the world and we cab ship anywhere if you have suitable conditions. Please contact me for more information.