The owners wrote

My lovely and nice Komondor Fehér Kócos Farida, from the day I 've had her she has never been sick even though there are a lot of changes for her as I live in Bangkok Thailand which is quite a lot of differences in climates and weather from Hungary.Thank you to Talpai Melinda for this perfect dog.
I have been looking for a komondor for almost a year, I have contacted some breeders , agencies , importers, but after writing some e mails to them I felt I do not trust them, sending money to someone you do not really know esp. from the internet is really a risk. But after I talked with Melinda I felt that she is a nice person that I can trust. I went to Budapest for the puppies 1 Komondor and 1 puli ( Melinda find one for me from a very good breeder). Melinda came to meet me at the airport with the puppies and took me sight seeing around Budapest and stayed with me until that evening when I get back. After I came back we still keep in touch, Melinda is always ready to answer all my question . I have to say again that she is really a very nice person, I am so lucky that I have the Komondor from her. A perfect dog from a perfect breeder."

Kitty, Bangkok

This is the little story how I get to my komondor in Spain;I d always loved the komondor breed but in december 2011, I decided to buy a male komondor,in Spain it was just impossible to find a male komondor, so ,because I am german, I searched in Germany but one this time their where no puppies available but one breeder told me that ,Melinda Talpai,in Hungary has just a litter, and recommend me her dogs off very high standard,so I d looked on her wepsite, mykomondors, and she had 4 female puppies , but she had as well one , one-year old male, so I called her and she told me that he is still available , a XXL male kommondor , just what I am looking for , Duhaj ; was his name; she told me that he has a very equilibrated character and send me fotos for him , i decided me directly to by him , but how we get him to Spain.

Melinda managed this all perfectly for me , the papers ,veterinarian, the transport all perfectly, we were every day in contact with each other up to finally Duhaj arrived in perfect condition in his new house in Spain, and he is relay an extraordinary dog finest character and relay big, 82 cm on the shoulders, and he is relay very well with my other big dogs , so I can relay say thank you to melinda , and she is a very trustfully and serious responsible Lady , and know, our good friend in Hungary , thank you so much to Melinda to breed so carefullythis amazing dogs, with so much love!

Jochen Daners from Spain, Malaga

Somogyi Betyár Idol "Sophie" in Komondor Club of America Magazine

Komondor Club of America Magazine