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We are selling puppies and resolving the transport of our puppies all over the world. You are welcome to pick up yours personally or you can ask for a transport cost. Puppies has at the age when they are ready for the transport, microchip, passport, necessary vaccinations, clinical examination, anti-echinococcus treatment, other anti-parasite treatment. The pedigree , (in the case if it is necessary export pedigree) if it is not ready, it will be send by post latter. The minimum age before the travel is usually 4 month old, until that time puppies get professional good socialization.

I'm breeding with Champion and HD tested bloodlines, and my puppies used to makes me proud in foreign countries dog shows, also, but it is not mean that my puppies are available just for show/breeding. If you wish your best new pet please let me know that you wish just for hobby, and I can give the same puppy without export pedigree for a lower price.

Somogyi Betyár "D" litter

You can reserved your female puppy from the most successful bloodlines

D.O.B.: 2018.02.19



Father: HJCH, Fiatal évgyőztes kan,HD-B Somogyi Betyár Pajkos

Mother: HJCH, Fiatal évgyőztes szuka HD-C Somogyi Betyár Szellő

For more information please e-mail me : info@mykomondors.com

Komondor puppies Komondor puppies Komondor puppies